Inception Health Labs

For M3s in HSMP

One-Session Overview of Clinical Informatics

HSMP Pathway


This session provides a general introduction to the field of clinical informatics and health care innovation.

Required Pre-Work:

ā€¢ Review the below three articles:

  1. Gardner RM, Overhage JM, Steen EB, Munger BS, Holmes JH, Williamson JJ, et al. Core content for the subspecialty of clinical informatics. J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2009;16: 153ā€“157.

  2. Detmer DE, Shortliffe EH. Clinical informatics: prospects for a new medical subspecialty. JAMA. 2014;311: 2067ā€“2068.

  3. Gawande A. Why Doctors Hate Their Computers. The New Yorker. (

Watch the vimeo video on clinical informatics is here: (and embedded šŸ‘‡)

Learning Objectives

  • Define clinical informatics and its role in healthcare
  • Describe the flow of information in clinical encounters
  • Compare and contrast electronic health record features that provide high and low value to patients and providers
  • Identify important policy regulating health information technology
  • Give examples of new opportunities to incorporate digital health tools into care