Inception Health Labs

Melek Somai

Co-Director, Inception Health Labs

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical College of Wisconsin

Head of Engineering, Inception Health and Froedtert Health


Melek Somai is the principal in digital health engineering at Inception Health. He holds also the position of Assistant Professor of Medicine at Medical College of Wisconsin. Dr Somai’s expertise is in health informatics and data engineering. Melek is trained in medicine, data scientist, and public health. He was formerly a research fellow at the Neuro-Epidemiology and Ageing Research at Imperial College and the Associate Director of the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering exploring the deployment of Blockchain Technology in Health Care and Life Sciences. He is a former Fulbright scholar. Dr Somai has a special interest in the impact of information technology and data in shaping the provision of care. He is also interested in the development of new approaches to public and global health using data science. As part of his global health activities, Dr Somai is the founder and the current president of the Tunisian Center for Public Health.


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